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Homeopathic Oral Spray:
For Optimal Energy.  The most effective formula of homeopathic somatotrophin on the market.  10% USP Ethanol
Somatotrophin - (The pharmaceutical name for HGH) 10x/30x ~~10x gently stimulates the body’s output of growth hormone at this potency.  Hgh 30x rebalances growth hormone levels in the body at this potency. 
Avena Sativa - 3c (a nerve tonic) indicated for exhaustion, weakness and sexual debility.  

Glycyrrhiza Glabra - 3c (licorice root) fights inflammation and viral, bacterial, and parasitic infection.  Reduces muscle spasms, increases fluidity of mucus in the lungs and bronchial tubes, and promotes adrenal gland function. 

Arginine  - 4c (AA) enhances immune function-retards the growth of tumors and cancer, adds in weight loss, stimulates pancreas to produce insulin, assists in the release of growth hormone, increases fertility. 

Glutamine -  4c (AA) brain fuel, promotes mental ability and healthy digestive tract. Helps to decrease sugar and carbohydrate cravings, thereby enhance weight loss. 

Isoleucine  - 4c (AA) Found in gh concentrations in muscle and will enhance energy production. Needed for hemoglobin formation, stabilizes blood sugar and regulates blood sugar and energy levels. 

Leucine  - 4c (AA)  Is essential for growth and stimulates protein synthesis in muscle and will enhance energy production. Protects muscle, heals bones, skin and muscle tissue, lowers elevated blood sugar levels aids in increasing growth hormone production.   

Lysine -  4c (AA) Stimulates hgh levels builds muscle and increases weight loss. Building block for protein. 

Omithine  - 4c (AA) promotes hgh and metabolism of excess body fat. Necessary for proper immune system and liver function.  Promotes healing and repairing of damaged tissue.  Promotes healthy skin. 

Valine  - 4c (AA) Needed for muscle metabolism, tissue repair, and the maintenance of proper nitrogen in the body. 

Colostrum  - 5c Contains IGF-1, a powerful factor for increasing muscle mass.  Helps with absorbtion of hgh. 

Gonadostimuline -  5c  Stimulates the body’s output of pituitary gonadotropin hormones.  Stimulates production of progesterone, estrogen and testosterone.  Works for male and female reproductive organs.   

ATP -  6c (Adenosine Triphosphorisum Acidum) revitalizes energy utilizing systems in the body. 

Glycogen - 6c Gently stimulates the body’s level of glycogen- the main energy source of muscle , for increased performance. 

Cortisone  - 12c for joint weakness. 

Purified Water, 10% Ethanol and  8% Vegetable Glycerin


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This letter arrives with praise for your Human Growth Hormone spray.  I purchased a bottle from my exercise teacher in November 2001 and was amazed with the ease of use.  Many of the HGH products that I have investigated and used are messy powders to be mixed with water.  I discovered these powders hardened and clumped over time and some of the powder was unable to be used.  Thank you so much for an easy to use product!  As a Holistic Practitioner, I will be glad to offer this product to my clients.  The spray helped me to sleep and I have experienced much less pain in my joints from an injury years ago with the use of just one bottle.  This letter comes with an order for more product.  Thank you!

Victoria A.
Holistic Practitioner
Claremont, CA

I took one case of HGH and began feeling the effects fairly quickly, albeit they were subtle. A few months in, I began realizing the aches and pains I had been feeling all over my body were subsiding.  I used to get up out of bed and have to stay hunched over all the way to the bathroom in the morning.  I was so stiff and achy.  I'm not exactly Cirque de Soleil material, but there's been a marked improvement there.  Also, one of my knees was bothering me so much I was having trouble kneeling- I work with children and have to do that all through the day.  I never notice it anymore!  Also, I have more energy, that's probably been the biggest change.  Here it is 7 p.m., I got home from work, fixed supper for my grand children, did the dishes, and am still going strong.  That's pretty good for 60.  And, my digestion has improved.  We won't go into the nuts and bolts of that, but it has.  And my hair looks healthier and I don't feel like it's all falling out anymore.  People are telling me all the time I look good.  I wouldn't quit HGH for the world!
Marta (via email)


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